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Understanding your budget is key to a successful home purchase. Need help doing so? Our online mortgage payment calculator can help.

Step 1: Figure Out What You Can Afford

The first step in every home buying journey is to figure out what you can afford. So, before you go looking for that Goose Creek dream home, sit down and take a long, hard look at your recent pay stubs and bank statements. How much are you bringing in every month between you and your spouse or co-borrower? Generally, financial experts recommend spending no more than 30 percent of this amount on housing, so you’ll want to make sure your mortgage payment falls below this number.

Step 2: Use Our Online Mortgage Calculator

Next, use the below mortgage loan calculator to determine the price range and down payment amount that would produce a budget-friendly mortgage payment for your household.

Simply fill in the boxes for home price, down payment, interest rate, mortgage term and start date to the best of your knowledge, and if you’re not sure on something, reach out to the Goose Creek team for help. If you’re just unsure of the mortgage rate, use the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s rate exploration tool to understand what sort of rates you can expect with your specific credit profile.

Finally, click the “Calculate” button and look over the estimated monthly mortgage payment and other detailed information that’s provided. Is the payment under that 30 percent threshold? If it is, then you’ve zeroed in on an affordable price point for your home search. If the numbers aren’t right, go back and adjust the down payment, home price and other details until you fall on a more affordable payment.

Step 3: Get More Personalized Advice

Once you have an idea of what you can afford in terms of a Goose Creek house. It’s time to confirm it by getting prequalified with a local mortgage lending company. Prequalification is based on your unique financial situation, and it can help you better understand the price range and interest rate you’ll be working with during your home search.

To get started, simply reach out to a Premier Nationwide Lending of Goose Creek team member, answer a few basic questions, and we’ll get you prequalified ASAP.